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To work with World Edit get yourself a wooden axe and right/left click on a block to set your selection corners.

Table of contents#

Most common commands#

//line [ID] -- draws a line between your first position and your second position

//replace [ID_A] [ID_B] -- replaces block A with block B

//fill [ID] [radius] -- fills an area with a custom block in a custom radius on the height your standing (Be careful with the radius. 50 is enough)

//stack [amount] [direction] -- stacks your selection a custom times in any direction

//move [amount] [direction] -- moves your selection x blocks in any direction


To set your direction use β€˜up’, β€˜down’, β€˜south’, β€˜east’, β€˜west’ or β€˜north’

To see the block-ID, press F3+H

Copy & Paste#

//copy -- copies your selection from the point where you're standing

-m [ID] -- just copy the written ID

//cut -- cuts your selection from the point where you're standing

//paste -- pastes your selection

-a -- pastes without air

-s -- moves your selection to the point where you paste it

Edit Clipboard#

//rotate [0-360] -- rotates your clipboard (use 90,180,270 to rotate 90 degrees)

//flip -- mirrors your clipboard

Selection commands#

To make your selection visible download WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition 3. You'll find a link in πŸ“Œbuilder-infos

//sel cuboid -- select shapes, default

//sel poly -- select shapes

//sel convex -- select shapes

//expand [amount] [direction] -- expands your selection in any direction

//contract [amount] [direction] -- contracts your selection in any direction

//shift [amount] [direction] -- moves only your selection in any direction

Special Block IDs#

43:8 -- smooth stone slab

43:9 -- smooth sandstone slab

100:13 -- brown mushroom block

100:14 -- red mushroom block

100:15 -- white mushroom block

[Wood]:12 -- six side wood log

Change biome#

With the command //setbiome [biome] the colors of grass, water and other natural materials can be adjusted. After a rejoin, the colors are changed. Here is an example image of the biomes: